7 reasons why WordPress is the best platform for small business website

I can tell you first hand that choosing WordPress to run your small business website is a great option for many people, and I’ll cover a few reasons why.

Sometimes hearing WordPress can seem complicated to a small business owner. With endless stories about plugins, updates, security etc. It can all be a little too overwhelming. It may seem too complicated to get started and all the extra things to consider can make other DIY platforms look more attractive.

What works for one business may not work for you, and this is an important consideration when choosing a website platform. Take some time to look over this list and consider what is important for you and to your business. After reading this you may still find that it’s just easier to work with a DIY builder instead.

We’ll be covering the content management system (CMS) of WordPress.org, not to be confused with wordpress.com which is completely different, and has many limitations.

What is WordPress?

WordPress.org is the most common website building platform, with over 30% of the websites in the world powered by WordPress.

I am one of many who love to use WordPress and there are some great reasons why?

1. WordPress is completely FREE

The main reason for its popularity is because its 100% free! WordPress is open-source, meaning it was designed to allow users to freely access and modify the service as they wish.

All you need is a domain, hosting and a designer (like myself) and you’re good to go.

2. Endless Possibilities with WordPress

Because WordPress is open source it allows developers to create thousands of plugins making the platform even more special. As it stands there are over 50,000 plugins available to install, some free and others paid for.

Plugins are important because they allow added features to a website which are not natively built in.

They range from fun and creative style plugins to ones that are essential for security. For example, Wordfence is a popular plugin to prevent brute force attacks on WordPress websites, it’s one I use myself on all website for an added layer of security.

3. Plethora of resources

Because WordPress is open source, there are many resources online for support, advice and even additional features and designs to make your website even more amazing.

AppSumo is a great resource to find heavily discounted and sometimes lifetime deals to make your WordPress website work for you. They also have many business management tools outside of WordPress which are worth checking out.

There are also many online communities which are dedicated to support WordPress users. Not to mention the number of resources that can be found on YouTube whenever you get stuck or need a little inspiration.

4. Flexible Design

In addition to having thousands of plugins, there are businesses that create various page builders and themes. Meaning you’ll never be trapped to the style of a pre-installed theme from many DIY website builders.

If my client has a vision of what they want their website to look like, I know that I have the tools to create a fully custom, beautiful website with no limitations.

5. Developer friendly software

Don’t worry, you don’t have to code!

WordPress was built with developers in mind and mas made their platform so accessible to those with big dreams in mind. This doesn’t mean you have to know how to code to run a WordPress website, that is far from the truth. It’s just a way for further tweaks to be made to WordPress, if necessary.

Coming from a developer background myself, it was important that I could use my skills to visually design a website, while still being able to tweak parts of the code.

Therefore, making every clients website different from the next.  This is crucial for small business owners looking to up level their business. The only thing worse than a boring website, is one that looks the same everyone else.

6. Higher levels of Security

Ever website needs to be hosted somewhere, so other can find it. It’s like paying rent for the land you live on.

You have the power to choose which hosting companies to invest in for optimal security. There is a web host for all budgets, ranging from £2.00 – £250.00+ per month. The price you pay commonly reflect the level of security and customer service you’ll receive.

Your web designer or developer will often recommend to you a hosting provider they use based on experience which can make the decision easier on you. Or, they’ll host the website for you.

Traditional DIY builders have the hosting service included, meaning you don’t get to choose where your website lives.  Which limits your choice to make a website as secure as possible.

7. Growth in mind

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re making 6 figures, WordPress can be the driving force in your business. You have the power to create a one-page website or a 200-page e-commerce store!

WordPress was built for growth and when you build your website, you can have peace of mind that you’re not going anywhere. All the tools and resources you need to growth your business is made possible with WordPress.


WordPress isn’t a walk in the park (although I have painted that picture). There are some downsides, such as the learning curve it takes to use the software, the added layer of security you need to consider and the need to understand the backend technology surrounding hosting set-up.

But with all these flaws, I still consider WordPress to be one of the most beautiful platforms to build a website today. It goes beyond a DIY template and truly creates a website that can grow with your business, no matter what it needs.

If you are considering creating a website with WordPress or if you already have one, but feel there is something missing, I can help. With personalised video tutorials, premium plugins and continuous support, Raadia Media can be your next step.

I’ve invested my time and energy to ensure I deliver the best possible service for my clients. Anything new can be scary, it’s human nature. My clients receive 1:1 training to understand how WordPress works, lifetime training videos, daily backups and so much more. Leaving them empowered to take control of their website without worry and confusion. Schedule a call today to find out more.


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