Our 9 Step Process to Designing a WordPress Website

Choosing to invest in your business and getting a professional website built, is an exciting time. Watching your vision come to life is such a positive direction for your business.

Luckily, I love building websites, and in this blog, I’ll be giving you an insight into my website design process. This is perfect for you if you’re considering working with Raadia Media for a WordPress website or you’ve just booked your first call and you’re excited to know the next steps.

So, let’s dig in…

1. Discovery call

The very first time we talk to each other will be over a short video or audio call where you’ll have the opportunity to talk about who you are, what your business is and what your overall goals are for your business moving forward.

I always encourage you to be open and honest about your hopes for the design project, so I can really ensure we are the right fit. It’s my job to give you confidence that I can support you with your goals.

2. The proposal

Once we have a chat and decide on what you want from a project, you’ll have the opportunity to review a proposal outlining all the deliverables of the project. If your request is more unique, you’ll receive a custom proposal and pricing to reflect your specific needs.

Raadia Media is always transparent about initial and ongoing costs for your business. I understand that a WordPress website is a huge investment, and as a small business, you need to be clear on the financial commitment. Which is why the full costs of all services are clearly outlined in the proposal, allowing you to make the best decision.

3. The Legal Stuff

Once you’re happy with the proposed web design services we can proceed to sign the design contract and make an initial deposit.

For the majority of projects, the deposit will be 50% of the total project fee. To make things easy for you, the proposal, contract and invoice can all be completed online. To learn more about payment options, visit our FAQ page.

4. Content Collection

At this stage, you’ll have the chance to give me everything you have that can help complete your website. This may include current branding guidelines, imagery, website copy etc. I know every business is busy and finding all the relevant files can’t take some time, which is why I give you a week or so to collect all your content.

The more you provide in the beginning the less back and forth that is required as we progress forward, which helps us to complete the project on time. Once all the onboarding forms are complete, we can begin the fun part. Design!

5. Design Phase

At this point, I’ll have everything I need to get started on the design of the WordPress website, and I commence the initial stage of the web build. This is the most important part of the project as I will creating the foundational design for your entire website. I like to spend a nice chunk of time ensuring this stage is completed to a high standard. I’ll take into consideration your branding, your overall mission and any inspirations you have provided.

6. Review Stage

Now, it’s your turn. This is the first stage where you get to have a look at the design of your site and have your say on what you think works well and what doesn’t. As mentioned previously, I am 100% transparent with all clients, and I expect the same in return. It’s very helpful when you provide feedback to your designer which is specific as possible.

This allows us to move forward with the same vision in mind and ultimately produce a website of your dreams. I created a guide explaining ways to provide effective feedback to your designer to better help you at this stage.

7. Final review

We’re so close to launching now! With all packages, you’ll receive 2 rounds of revisions, which is more than enough to ensure your website is in-line with your vision. The final review is a walk through the entire WordPress website. All pages of the website will be completed, and you get the opportunity to make any final tweaks before going live.

8. Launch

And we are LIVE! You can now celebrate your brand-new website with confidence. I always encourage you to share the excitement with your audience on social media, a mailing list or any other platform that you engage with potential clients. This really demonstrates to your audience that you’re willing to invest in your business to better their experience.

9. On-going maintenance

Although launching your website is extremely fun, there are some technical things to consider with your website going forward. The general maintenance and upkeep of a WordPress website are so important for protecting your investment. I offer all clients who chose to host with me free care plan options for a trial period, which covers all the crucial updates and security of your website.

There is more information about the care plans I offer on my services page and common questions on my FAQ page, as failing to care for your website over time can cause major issues in the long-term which is not an enjoyable experience for anyone.


Overall, a WordPress website design project is a fun experience for you and your business. It’s a time in your business where you have made the decision to invest in your digital presence. That is major! You are taking steps to grow your business and ultimately show up in your field as an expert who takes their business seriously. It’s my job to design a space that connects with your audience by presenting you as authentically as possible. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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