Naila Life Coach


– Colour Palette
– Graphic Elements
– Typography Selection
– Marketing Material
Naila Khan is a Life Coach based in London, UK. She focuses on supporting over-worked professionals in the city release anxiety through various activities including; colouring working shops, breathing exercises and positive affirmations. Offering 1:1 and group sessions to suit everyone’s needs.


Create a brand that connotes peace and tranquillity, aligning with the approach Nailia takes with all her clients. Along with marketing material such as leaflets, brochures and business cards to be distributed throughout the City of London.

"My brochures and leaflets were beautiful and above all served their purpose. I also received compliments on how good quality and professional they looked. This boosted my confidence in Raadia Media services. The only thing better than the wonderful brochures was the excellent customer service."

Naila Khan | Naila Life Coach

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