Nina Carras

Branding and Web Design

– Custom WordPress design
– Logo Design
– Graphic Elements
– Full Brand Guidelines
Nina helps overworked professional women get toned, lose weight and become the healthiest they can be! Her fitness sessions can be described as dynamic, challenging, motivational, fun and, most importantly, safe. Making a real difference in the lives of her clients.


The brand needed to be sleek, yet feminine to attract the target audience of working women. It was crucial that the website was not the usual style of a fitness website. Nina wanted her website to reflect the diversity and promote the view of normal bodies in the fitness industry.

"Rasiana took me in hand and immediately got to the heart of what was outdated in my site and what could be improved and updated. It was all so easy that now as I reflect on it I can’t believe how beautiful the site is in such a short period of time. Our websites are our storefront. They invite people in to look at our services and offerings."

Nina Carras | Pilates Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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